Weekend Rides

Saturday October 4th

Blairwood Ride - Start time is 0800.  We would like to start at 0800 so please try and get to the ride early.


Sunday 5th

Blairwood Spin training - 0700

John will be doing a training ride on the Spin bikes for us.  The weather is not supposed to be good so we will go inside.  You can pay the guest rate of $10 per visit or take advantage of the Clydesdale Group rate.

Blairwood has offered us a Clydesdale Group rate.  $49 for single, $79 for couple and $99 for family.  We are encouraging members to join and take advance of these prices.  The majority of our winter training will be conducted on the spin bikes.  We will also be arranging more Spin classes for our group.  Also you will have full access to the weight room and pools.  We will also have group swim lessons and training during the winter for those wanting to do a Triathlon next year.