Sports Nutrition Solutions

Thanks again to you and the whole Clydesdale team for letting me come in after spin class to talk to all the guys about some sports nutrition solutions.

After speaking with several of the guys, it sounded like it would be beneficial to put in a group order, this should save everyone the shipping and tax costs. 

Please let everyone know that if they want to add any items to the Clydesdale group order that the cost per item will just be the "face value" of what they see in the catalog or on the website.  I will take care of the shipping and tax for the order.

Also, I will be coming to this Sunday's (Mar. 2) spin workout at 9:00am to answer questions and take any orders.

Below are a couple links to more information about the brand and products and my website to place an online order (should anyone want to).

 For online orders and more information about me:

 For information about Nutrilite and the brand:

 Thanks again to the whole Clydesdale team.  Please let everyone know to feel free to call or email me with any questions if they have specific needs.  My phone number and email address are in the signature line below. 

 Look forward to seeing you Sunday.



Mike Jotautas

T: 502-718-3160