he Clydesdale version of the Biggest Loser starts Tonight @ Blairwood

You better be "bulking up" tonight, because the fun starts tomorrow at 6:30PM...

The Clydesdale version of the Biggest Loser is here.  Starting tomorrow, 19MAY to Friday, 25JUL ... you have 67 days to lose as many pounds as you can!  Be at Blairwood at 6:30PM tonight.

The contest will be simple:
1.  $100 Cash Buy In due at weigh ins
2.  Weigh in... to be witnessed (we trust you... just not that much)
4.  Weigh in will be at 6:30 PM on 25JUL.

To make it fair... we will have winners in two categories (splitting the total pot...50/50) - BIGGEST LOSER (for total weight lost) and MOST EFFICIENT LOSER (for Largest % of Body Weight Lost).

This will be a lot of fun... we can encourage each other... or try to sabotage each other... either way... we will have fun... lost some.... or a lot of weight... and celebrate at the end of JULY!

See you Monday night!

Bill Serad

CNFO - Chief Nutrition & Fitness Officer Clydesdale a.c.