Tour De Cure

This is a reminder that each person riding in the event must raise a minimum of $200.  Please take a look at the totals on the site.  We just went over $4,000 as a team. 

Listed below is our schedule for the weekend.

Friday:   RV setup in Norton Commons. 

We will have the team RV setup again for this ride.  We should have more info later today on where we will actually be setup.  Come out and enjoy an Adult Beverage and some food Friday night.  Also Steve Pobst (Member and our team Fit Specialist) will be on site to make some minor adjustments at no charge to all members.  He will also be available to setup an appointment (FEE) for a complete fit.  

Saturday: Heitzman's Breakfast

We will have breakfast at 0700 from Heitzman'z.  The menu is Eggs, Grits, Bagels and assorted Danish.  This should get us really primed for the ride.

Also on site will be a mechanic from Middletown cycle available for MINOR adjustments.

Please contact Greg Strafer if you have any issues.  Remember we are all about Fellowship, Fitness and Charity.  Let's have a great time with this event.